Technology initially diffused in effluent treatment systems with biological removal of ammonia nitrogen, sludge removal by suction is important when it is necessary to remove the clarifier bottom sludge quickly, avoiding flotation of solids due to denitrification conditions or anaerobically in bottom of the clarifiers

However, the sludge removal by suction has other interesting advantages:

- Clarifiers construction with flat bottom or almost flat, reducing spending on civil works;

- The sludge is removed quickly at the site where it is settled, which becomes a very interesting advantage when considering that the sludge generally have thixotropic behavior;
- The technology offers high flexibility: it can be applied in circular or rectangular clarifiers, with or without foam box with spillways and gutters to collect the clarified.

The UPE staff has extensive knowledge in the design and manufacture of sludge removal systems by suction or by scratching, with applications in water treatment and effluents.